karim el sayed haddad
Graphics designer, Web designer


Graphics designer, Web designer


About Me

I'm Karim Haddad from Egypt/Cairo, I'm 15 years old.
When i was young i was interested in drawing and still interested in it.
My brother saw that i am very interested in drawing and want to try something new, so he decided to make me use the PC for the graphics, he gave me introduction to Switch max,, then i worked on it say for half a year then i started to better than my brother, i know that there was a flash program, he said i will not understand it, but he got it for me and i tried hard to work on it then i got it and was good at it, then i saw some pictures made by Photoshop so i decided to learn it and my bro. helped me out with it, by getting tutorials for me

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i understand it and loved it so much, i search for more tutorials on the internet for it, and i got it all then i started to understand tricks so i am now like u see me, and Blender 3d actually i learned it for games but i loved it and started to learn it more.
So I\'m me now due to my brother.

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i give all the thanks to my brother Muhammad.
and i hope you like my work :)
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